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Your 10 Favorite Hockey Cards
05-29-2016, 03:04 AM
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RE: Your 10 Favorite Hockey Cards
OK, this might be stretching things a little, but it will buy me some time to sort out and scan my actual favourite 10 cards.

My proposed sub-title for this post is "My Favourite 10-card Set". I have been thinking about posting this for a while, and this great thread gives me a close-enough reason.

Back when Beckett Hockey used to be a magazine-only format (which would take 2 months to arrive in these shores), there was a regular feature called "Mission Accomplished". It was with great pride - now replaced with embarrassment - that I had a feature published in the August 2005 issue. Enough said, here's the proof:

[Image: Beckett%20August%202005_zpskkl1vpck.jpg]

I've still got them, and no, they never did hang on the wall but are kept in a dark place away from the light - which is why it's taken so long to find them!
[Image: 2003-04%20Magnificent%20Prospects_zpslhu0bq2f.jpg]

I suppose this could start another debate:- how Magnificent were Mario's Prospects? Here's my ratings:

MP1 - Marc-Andre Fleury - Hit (1 Cup....soon to be back-up for a 2nd!)
MP2 - Eric Staal - Hit (member of the Triple Gold Club)
MP3 - Patrice Bergeron - Hit (1 Cup)
MP4 - Michael Ryder - Semi-Hit (1 Cup)
MP5 - Ryan Malone - Hic! (sorry, Hit - one of my favourite Pens of all time, despite being shipped out just before they won the Cup)
MP6 - Tuomo Ruutu - Miss
MP7 - Joffrey Lupul - Miss (despite being the inspiration for the wicked king in Game of Thrones)
MP8 - Jordin Tootoo - Hit (several, very hard ones. No notable achievements, I just like the way he plays)
MP9 - Andrew Raycroft - Miss (Calder winner 2004, but limited shelf life)
MP10 - Nikolai Zherdev - Miss - (someone told Mario he had to include a token Russian*...)

* I know he was born in the Ukraine, but he won 2 WC Golds for Russia.

Always looking for Penguins GU/Autos/Parallels/RCs
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05-30-2016, 06:20 PM
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RE: Your 10 Favorite Hockey Cards
(05-25-2016 02:56 AM)snobles Wrote:  I like seeing some inserts in the mix here. I actually traded the Yzerman version for the Roy card:

[Image: IMG_0216_zps95933bbe.jpg]

Pulled the Yzerman from a box I bought at Wal-Mart lol

Keep up the great posts.

sweet roy
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06-16-2016, 11:12 AM
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RE: Your 10 Favorite Hockey Cards
Lets bump this

Collecting Bryce Harper, Mike Trout, Colt McCoy, Drew Brees, Sidney Crosby, Wayne Gretzky
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06-16-2016, 05:12 PM (This post was last modified: 06-16-2016 05:13 PM by johlix.)
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RE: Your 10 Favorite Hockey Cards
My faves, in no particular order. Hope you like Smile

[Image: E1D081D5-6C8B-49F4-9DC8-2C0B425B1A2F_zpsv4fz2orj.jpg]

The Lemieux!!
[Image: 77590A83-579A-4B05-BDC3-D33C9FBCDC82_zpsebfnn03u.jpg]

[Image: 69F07781-9A6B-4B1F-AB39-A3F5874AF616_zps3yee1cj3.jpg]

[Image: 65DE776B-E777-468A-B8C2-2775E78CFFAC_zpsr8wohhzu.jpg]

[Image: 15E3F4B9-F995-4589-9468-472A937C89A4_zpsfaj4ejni.jpg]

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06-17-2016, 09:49 AM
Post: #35
RE: Your 10 Favorite Hockey Cards
Alright, here's 10:

[Image: toewsCupStanleyCupSignatures.jpg]

[Image: bennBDJerseySP_zpsd1bc36ab.jpg]

[Image: toewsDominionTapetoTape_zps34c7747d.jpg]

[Image: macKinnonDominionAutoPatchRCgmmt_zpsaa02a934.jpg]

[Image: crosbyRookieAnthologyEliteInscriptionsgm...aed774.jpg]

[Image: selanneUDPremierAcetateStarsAutoPatchPla...w3yjmt.jpg]

[Image: selanneCupLimitedLogos_zpszp0jvhvq.jpg]

[Image: lemieuxArtifactsHonouredMembersPatchGlov...tnifdt.jpg]

[Image: doughtySPGUSupremePatches_zpsp4rd3dup.jpg]

[Image: toewsArtifactsGoldSpectrumPatchesAuto_zpscqarbz6g.jpg]

[Image: KopitarAnze11Banner.jpg]
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06-19-2016, 09:11 AM
Post: #36
RE: Your 10 Favorite Hockey Cards
Here are my ten, also in no particular order.

My first one has a story to go with it. My son bought a box of Upper Deck and the LCS was having a promotion and gave him 5 packs of Overtime free with his purchase. He decided to give the free packs to me, and the following card is what I pulled. Man was he pissed!

Datsyuk # 2 / 3 Flash of Excellence Auto
[Image: Pavel%20Datsyuk%20Flash%20Of%20Excellenc...srttwk.jpg]

[Image: Joe%20Sakic%20Panini%20Prime%20Auto%20Go...bkifex.jpg]

[Image: Jonathan%20Toews%20SP%20Authentic%20Ltd%...4liqsn.jpg]

Head of the Eagle Patch
[Image: AlexOvechkinautopatch25_zpsea7197e2.jpg]

[Image: BobbyOrrTeamCanadaSPAuto001_zpsdc926a0f.jpg]

[Image: Roymask25.jpg]

[Image: PaulCoffey10.jpg]

Side 1 of 6 way auto
[Image: Russia6AutoTretiakLarionovampBure001_zps0e10b35c.jpg]

Side 2 of 6 way auto
[Image: Russia6AutoDatsyukOvechkinampkhabibulin0...f0bf9e.jpg]

Precious Metals Selanne (1 gram of gold)
[Image: selannegold.jpg]

Like the patch on this
[Image: bergeronbear.jpg]

Thanks for the look.

[Image: titanbanner.gif]
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