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Good BV % to pay for a card?
04-08-2015, 09:27 AM (This post was last modified: 04-08-2015 09:30 AM by mkufta.)
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RE: Good BV % to pay for a card?
(04-01-2015 08:25 AM)djohn Wrote:  There are a lot of factors that determine what cards sell for on eBay (i.e. how many days was the auction, what time did the auction end, feedback of the seller, how many of a particular card are for sale at one time, and then there's the possibility of shill bidding). There are also plenty of other places that cards are bought and sold, both online and in person. So while eBay is a good gauge for card values, there are lots of factors to consider and not just looking at the last sold auction.
There are many people who go check eBay and find the lowest price a card sold for and quote that when offering to buy, and then look at the highest price a card sold for on eBay and quote that when selling. So you have to be extremely careful with how you quote eBay values.

I agree the prices on eBay alone aren't market value but they are a gigantic piece of the puzzle. To sit there and say eBay isn't market value just isn't correct.

Edit: If you have a card I want to buy, and there's one on eBay for $10, you can't tell me to pay you $15 because that's what they were selling for elsewhere. eBay is then determining the market value.

The definition of market value is "the amount for which something can be sold on a given market." That market is the internet. eBay plays a big role in determining that value.

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04-09-2015, 04:21 PM
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RE: Good BV % to pay for a card?
(03-29-2015 03:53 PM)cblawat21 Wrote:  well if nobody goes by book value, whats the point of the price guides beckett puts out every month? Isnt that supposed to be what the value of that particular card is at this time?

That is a very good question.

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