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12-14-2014, 12:40 PM
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I currently collect hockey would like to start collecting Football but need some advice on where to start. If any of you are familiar with hockey, I love Upper Deck Artifacts and the value it brings. A fun set to collect and each 10 pack box is loaded with hits.

Thanks in advance.

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12-14-2014, 09:25 PM
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RE: Advice
I'm trying to think of the brands that have the most hits. Depends on the player/team you like, whether you prefer college or professional uniform, etc. College products like Leaf Trinity and Exquisite are expensive, but provide a lot of hits I believe. Cheaper is Leaf Valiant, though you may get no name players in there too. Not much value in them. National Treasures, Contenders, 5 star, are some that can give decent value from what I've seen, depending on the year. My suggestion is to surf auction sites, or ask someone who has players/teams you want to collect for pictures so you can see designs and stuff to get you started. Hope this helps!

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12-15-2014, 04:59 PM
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RE: Advice
if you are talking about hobby products, base Topps is not bad - you get a good number of cards and get two autographs, one rookie patch, and most boxes deliver an extra hit.

Topps Valor isn't bad - but you probably aren't going to come close to getting the box price back.

This year most of the products have been pretty weak for what they deliver.

If you like autographs, consider Press Pass's various products - they are all on-card autos and only have autograph hits now.

If you like memorabila cards, beware that most football memorabilia cards are RPS stuff which is pretty close to worthless in almost every case.

Crown Royale looks nice - its a one hit per pack product and always looks good - but beware of the Panini Rewards menace.

For autographs, the best licensed product often is Contenders - unfortunately this year's design doesn't look good and don't be surprised if Panini delivers "Rewards" cards rather than the promised autographs. Its also generally overpriced given that you often get at least one or two undrafted or late round practice squad guys - I think that every Contenders hobby box I've ever gotten has had at least 1 or 2 of the guys. You can hit Contenders big, but more than likely, the box will be mediocre and there are some real horrible boxes.

As far as retail, Sage Hit blasters are pretty good because you get 2 (or 3) autographs per box and they are starting to show up in reduced price - recently picked up 3 of the 3 auto blasters at $11,98 a piece. Normally they are $20. Even if the autos are bad, it is probably still will beat most hobby boxes for what it delivers for the price.

Press Pass retail isn't bad in that you get a guaranteed on card auto for $20 - again, look for them reduced.

Better yet, just buy individual cards. Most football sets aren't really worth putting together - base Topps is one of hte few legitimate set building products out there.
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12-15-2014, 07:00 PM
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RE: Advice
I have just started the same thing, Mike. Work with a player/team that you like, and build your traders by buying boxes you can afford. I have done decent with Upper Deck, but they do not have an NFL license anymore, and it is a bit tougher to trade them. Topps Finest looks nice, is decently priced around $100/box, and you will get a JSY/AU and RPA per master box (think Upper Deck Trilogy with only two mini boxes), plus nice refractor cards that are highly tradeable. The base sets and RCs do not add up like Hockey does, but the inserts are killer. This is what I have found in my little time collecting Football for my boy, so I hope that it helps you out a bit. If I have anything that you need in my Org. just give me a shout.


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