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My Latest Pickups Update 12/1/13
12-02-2013, 07:39 PM (This post was last modified: 12-02-2013 07:48 PM by jdetter23.)
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RE: My Latest Pickups Update 12/1/13
(12-01-2013 02:11 PM)thepointguard_10 Wrote:  Awesome Barnes pickups man!

Thanks man! Ive decided to pickup some of his cards while they are reasonable! The Black Falcon inscription keeps eluding me though.
(12-01-2013 03:40 PM)TBarn291 Wrote:  Are the Immaculate RPAs event worn? Tristans NT RPAs were event worn, which isn't a BIG deal to me, but I would still have preferred game worn. Either way the patch on NTs are definitely better, but I like the style of the Immaculate RPAs better.

Great pickup too!! That is a beautiful card man, I bet that one set you back a pretty penny lol.

The back of my RPA's say they are event worn for Immaculate. I think the game worn were just the jumbo patches from Flawless and the logos for Immaculate but I could be wrong lol and yes it did cost me a very pretty penny!
(12-01-2013 04:23 PM)esa0315 Wrote:  Being a Warriors fan, those Barnes are really awesome! Nice pick-ups!

Thanks man! I love watching the warriors play. They are a very exciting team.
(12-02-2013 12:37 AM)Megatron2181 Wrote:  Sweet pickups Smile The patches on the Immaculates are NASTY.

Thanks! Big Grin I kept looking for the better patches to bid on lol

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Current Wish list lol
1.2005 Sweet Spot Evan Mathis RC(mint condition)
2. Harrison Barnes Immaculate RPA /40
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12-02-2013, 09:40 PM
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RE: My Latest Pickups Update 12/1/13
There's a Barnes card that says "Black Falcon"???? You may now have competition Wink haha

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