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Trading With The Kid
03-15-2013, 01:29 AM
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Trading With The Kid
Posting this in the baseball, basketball, football, and gaming forums to reach a wider audience.

So I've slowly been getting my 6.5 year old daughter into collecting. When we go to the card store she usually picks out a couple cards from the 50c or $1-5 bin to go with whatever else I buy. She's also picked out some packs of stuff but she's not that thrilled with opening yet, except Bella Sara packs.

She currently has some Bella Sara cards, Yu-Gi-Oh, and a variety of sports cards. She is getting used to sleeving them and being careful with them when she looks at them. She has 2 boxes for her cards, one with sleeved cards and one with top loaders.

I've picked up a few cards in trades for her but since they are mixed in with my cards she doesn't really know anything is for her until I hand her the card. I want to go one step further as she loves getting mail addressed to her so I was wondering if anyone would like to trade me some stuff for her. She doesn't know I'm doing this so it'll just be a surprise for her Smile

Her main requirement when selecting a card is that it's shiny. She prefers red, blue, purple, or gold. Pink is also a top favorite but you don't see many pink cards lol She doesn't have a favorite sport or player, though she does like the Lakers some. She has a few relic cards and a few autos already so not necessarily looking for those but wouldn't turn them away if I like the trade. She doesn't like hockey.

If you got some shiny stuff you don't really need/want send me an offer and let's see what we can do.

Thanks in advance.

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