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Anyone have any Etopps Auto cards?
11-18-2012, 11:16 PM (This post was last modified: 11-18-2012 11:18 PM by gjhobbs.)
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Anyone have any Etopps Auto cards?
So long story short, I've made a purchase on the bay for an Etopps Marshawn Lynch auto card. Checking here on Beckett, it says that it was limited to /98, and that his rookie card was limited to /999.

What confuses me here is that the seller said this card is auto'd and it's out of /999. Only reason I bought it was there is a refund allowed, and the seller stated that the card was still in the Etopps case with original topps sticker attached. I wanted to look it over to see if it had been opened and such, but does anyone else here have any Etopps Auto cards that are serialized that high or is the auto a different serial # as stated on Beckett?

I've heard that Beckett has been wrong with info before, so just wondering for input here.

*Edit* - looks like I should have done a little more digging. The auto'd cards were the same as the /999, just /98 were signed.. Read another posting on the bay that had a seller giving more info.

Since there are no values for these, and the only 2 I see on ebay selling right now are for $99.99, and $250 (BGS graded), was $30 a good deal then? Smile

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11-18-2012, 11:18 PM
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RE: Anyone have any Etopps Auto cards?
Have never bought an etopps auto but I do have brees rookies that have a serial number say to /999
But only the first 125 are autoed...maybe it's something like that?

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11-19-2012, 12:35 PM
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RE: Anyone have any Etopps Auto cards?
Topps originally sold the autographs for $59 (but you had to own the card in your eTopps port to get it an autograph, so it would have cost you over $60 to get the autograph originally). Did the card come with the separate eTopps COA? If it did then $30 is definitely a good price.

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