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04-08-2012, 08:54 PM
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Quick question, say I shipped 2 SETS OF TRADED CARDS BOTH TO CANADA cards. First the USPS gave a 3-5 buisness day. Well one of the ones who says he still hasnt go it and I am wondering if he took advantage of being a rookie trader. Yes I had a tracking number but once it leaves the US it is only a courtesy for thr canadirn postal to scan it....wtf plz help

owes work2832 since nov.

ID- josiahcecil, ebay-jcecil0610, ebay-jmotes1982, chitownsgreatest, mickey7mantle7


-going by LaceyC on blowout, telling them he doesnt know josiahcecil (banned there now)

-ebay account tells the story
Well if you check his "used ID's".. A little over a month ago he changed his ID of jcecil0610 to jmotes1982.
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