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OT: SportsItUpCards here.... Nice to be back on Beckett!
09-07-2012, 12:19 AM
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OT: SportsItUpCards here.... Nice to be back on Beckett!
Hello Beckett community, my name is Giovanni, also known as SportsItUpCards. I'll try to make a long story short...

I haven't been on here because my old user name wouldn't work anymore, I couldn't log in. Kept trying anf trying, so finally I just said the heck with it.

Later I was getting cards ready for grading, and logged into beckett with my old email, so I was doing my submission stuff, and then come over to the forum while I was at it. While there I noticed I was logged in with a different name... it's an old name that I totally forgot about from way back, probably from my first grading submission with beckett. Anyway, so since my old name is not working(for whatever reason), I figured i'd give this one a try, and BAM!!!

I miss this community and happy to be back. It wasn't my choice to leave, the damn thing just didn't work haha. I've spoken to a mod, and they're going to shut down the old name so I won't be breaking any Beckett rules by having two names opened. Since there was computer issues(during the whole website change) with my old user name, I don't wanna shut this old one(nba50) off, and risk having issues with the SportsItUpCards name. So my old one will be shut, and I will using this one.

Great to be back, hope to meet new people, and chat with old friends.



I am "THE" Elgin Baylor collector. Have been collecting basketball cards since 1992.
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OT: SportsItUpCards here.... Nice to be back on Beckett! - nba50 - 09-07-2012 12:19 AM

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