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Cant add items in trade function Pt. 2
05-27-2011, 09:38 AM
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RE: Cant add items in trade function Pt. 2
Here's my assumption (counts are from All Items from public view):

mmahoney has 155,870 cards in their Organize.
dspainjr has 50,148 cards in their Organize.
hittinaway has 45,648 cards in their Organize.
youngdave2 has 68,816 cards in their Organize.
thebwd has 54,321 cards in their Organize.
ntgsportscards has 20,170 cards in their Organize.
chrisdolney has 24,959 cards in their Organize.
pingbling23 has 8,284 cards in their Organize.

I'm thinking it's a timeout issue trying to determine wants from each other's collection. I'm thinking indexes probably have to be rebuilt and the query re-examined. I have 30,099 cards in my Organize and have made 10+ trades in the last week with no problem, one of them being pingbling23. However, I'm having a hard time with mmahoney.

@pingbling23 - Is there anyone other than mmahoney that you are having a hard time trading with? Can you go look at their Organize and tell me how many cards it says they have in their All Items.

Ideally, the system should work if you have 10 cards in your Organize or 1 million cards in your Organize. I've already reported it to Beckett but I'll push the matter a little more and see if they can at least rebuild the indexes every 2 days. Thanks.

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