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LPGA TTM - pens fan addict - 05-25-2012 03:26 PM

After only 3 days passing from when I mailed them, I received these today in the mail..... (helps that she lives within about 5 miles of me)

[Image: 05_25_12Lexi0001.jpg]

[Image: 05_25_12Lexi0002.jpg]

AWESOME return from one of our South florida girls!! THANKS LEXI!!!


sent this to Lexi via Twitter:

@Lexi Thank you for signing the 2 pics for me & in only 3 days!!! You are awesome!!! Now go kick some LPGA butt!! (Hugh) #hugethanks #sprstr
May 25, 2:51 PM via Twitter for Android

Just received this from her:

Lexi Lexi Thompson
@PENSFANADDICT no problem and thanks!!
May 25, 9:45 PM via Twitter for iPhone

AWESOME, AWESOME ATHLETE!!! The way it should be!!

RE: LPGA TTM - ugameck - 05-31-2012 05:37 PM