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RE: NEWCOMERS LEAVING FEEDBACK - rayeates - 02-03-2012 11:02 AM

Trader jwright937 left positive comment on our trade, but left no stars. Have contacted trader. Please put me on this list. Thank you!


RE: NEWCOMERS LEAVING FEEDBACK - jncdrew - 02-08-2012 12:18 AM

I have this problem with item description but unsure who left the feedback, i have done around ten trades in the last week and i have contacted everyone to ask and i have never had any bad fedback.

RE: NEWCOMERS LEAVING FEEDBACK - velcrostitch24 - 02-13-2012 10:50 AM

i left estout feedback and showed as negative, i know that i hit all five stars, is there anything i can do to fix it.
(12-23-2011 11:31 PM)floydtown Wrote:  When you leave feedback you MUST click the stars to give a # rating from 1 lowest to 5 highest.
If you just go in and write a sentence and click submit while the STARS ARE NOT LIT UP it will leave them a ZERO or NEGATIVE.

In this screenshot notice the * next to each line (meaning REQUIRED)
Also this screen shows THE STARS NOT HIGHLIGHTED which is a 0 NEGATIVE FEEDBACK
[Image: feedbacksnap.png]

[Image: feedbacklighted.png]
If you're not sure dont leave feedback and ask for help

If you left negative feedback by mistake or were the recipient please post here so when the option to remove this feedback is available we have a list.

If you were told by a mod you're on the list dont worry about posting here

**I have asked for a warning message or note be put on the feedback screen so this stops happening

* bobe303 - received from powelldu
* mgruber2 - received from uvaspina
* bakerman8419 - received from myjagr1
* cybertrenz02 - received from whitewolf2367
* dwegner1 - received from robsvideos
* swjrp10 - received from robsvideos
* sconnienation3 - received from jonathancard (neut received w/ no comments)
* toolly526 - received from sparty78
* englandhousehold - received from robsvideos
* tracy08606 - received from englandhousehold (neut received w/ no comments)
* bselje - received from robsvideos
* delpants - received from robsvideos
* lecreccio - received from robsvideos
* fbqueen - received from mattfastiggi
* warcraftin - received from adcgjh (shipping star only)
* kingkard543 - received from dan_dou_lea
* reelins - received from dan_dou_lea
* miketaylor72 - received from dragik
* kct1 - received from Renisco
* gshankle - received from minitracer
* pork chop - received from BoiJay
* the great 48 - received from charbs1111
* my twins - received from zmhower2469
* ryancholden - received from randall44
* buckunteer - received from kenjake23
* got watcha want - received from kenjake23
* bunk27 - received from atteberry23
* cptnemo66 - received from coachtermite (6/27/10)
* minitracer - received from gshankle
* JME1979 - received from CottersCards17
* JME1979 - received from robsvideos
* muz0 - received from corbin21
* scotts shoebox - received from sky300x3
* branesergen - received from snapp73
* sky300x3 - received from leebo1975
* leebo1975 - received from sky300x3
* steve kennedy - received from ksureed
* biggi15022003 - received from ksureed
* randall44 - received from uvaspina
* pres2020 - received from wickercat
* alto4life - received from the great 48
* bigtrip18 - received from michael022002
* homerjg007 - received from jynkeys
* oumike83 - received from scooner
* gamblersheaven - received from geezhound
* hightree22 - received from powelldu
* tha penguin - received from rsam
* rayeates - received from jwright937
* jakedasnake222 - received from jmac53
* bdubs3316 - received from kc_king3416
* kc_king3416 - received from englandhousehold
* englandhousehold - received from kc_king3416
* gropas - received from kc_king3416 (x2)
* kct1 - received from steveca

RE: NEWCOMERS LEAVING FEEDBACK - myjagr1 - 02-14-2012 07:40 AM

Tried to leave feedback today and keeps saying that I need to rate the payment I keep giving it 5 stars and keep getting same error message.. As opposed to last time this happened I keep canceling and not leaving any feedback. But I do want to leave feedback so what do i need to do to leave positive feedback for this trade??

RE: NEWCOMERS LEAVING FEEDBACK - orr2bourque - 02-16-2012 12:16 AM

I had left negative feedback for sparty78 and left him possitive comments and CANT understand why becuase I had clicked the stars correctly and was and am shocked when I found out it said negative.

I am mad about the whole thing really.


RE: NEWCOMERS LEAVING FEEDBACK - the great 48 - 02-16-2012 07:48 PM

I got yet another, lol.
r and k sports cards didnt know to click the stars.
Do we have a time frame on when these will be fixed or is it like the "wrong/missing cards" thread that never gets taken care of? Wink

RE: NEWCOMERS LEAVING FEEDBACK - jkrock20 - 02-17-2012 06:34 AM

I accidentally clicked submit before doing the stars for my most recent trade with Bjackson1981. If this can be removed it would be appreciated.

RE: NEWCOMERS LEAVING FEEDBACK - tha penguin - 02-19-2012 05:30 PM

rsam has confirmed the mistake on the feedback he left for me so I'm good to stay on the list.

Another mishap. I left perfect feedback for rylin1711 and left a comment also.
Beckett glitched out and didn't load my feedback so I had to click the stars again and resubmit.
I must have went too fast because Item Description went to 4 stars instead of 5.
If you can fix this for him, we'd appreciate it.

RE: NEWCOMERS LEAVING FEEDBACK - rossmaute - 02-21-2012 10:11 AM

Looks like it's happened to me, too. Positive comment from mets5757, negative feedback.

RE: NEWCOMERS LEAVING FEEDBACK - kingkard543 - 02-25-2012 12:11 AM

how long before corrections are done? over a month and still having that negative 0 feedback.