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RE: Who or what team do you collect? - BauerNYJ - 11-02-2011 02:14 AM

Darrelle Revis

RE: Who or what team do you collect? - brouwer63 - 11-02-2011 01:40 PM

Iowa Hawkeyes
Chicago Bears

Matt Forte
Brian Urlacher
Shonn Greene
Ricky Stanzi
Dallas Clark

RE: Who or what team do you collect? - Agalloch - 11-02-2011 11:35 PM

Oakland Raiders
Green Bay Packers

Eli Manning
Aaron Rodgers
Payton Manning
Brett Favre
Darren Mcfadden

RE: Who or what team do you collect? - wavytiger1975 - 11-04-2011 03:20 PM

Cris Carter
John Randle
Chad Greenway
Kevin Williams

RE: Who or what team do you collect? - mooncricket916 - 11-04-2011 10:02 PM

#1 Elway
#2 ANY OU UNI auto

RE: Who or what team do you collect? - mdosman22 - 11-07-2011 04:31 AM

Philadelphia Eagles

(10-13-2011 09:35 AM)cox1781 Wrote:  Okay I did this back on the old site so I am going to start it again on the new site. I will keep it update as best as I can most likely every morning and every night I will update.

Let me know who or even what team you collect in the NFL. I will make the limit to five players or even team. Players and teams can have more than one collector. I felt that with this list it help people look at who collects what. That way if you have some stuff someone might be interested in you can offer them a trade.

Maybe this could be come a sticky.
Adrian Peterson - fishtaco02, txviking

AJ Hawk - RayLewisCollector

Aaron Rodgers - lambeau legend4

Arian Foster - joe callahan13

Barry Sanders - jeremy0998

Brandon Flowers - chiefsncards275, biglump007

Brandon Lafell - jefdav1831, CowboysFanatic, chads-cards, redskins316, Duchovny2

Brandon Pettigrew - bdubs3316

Brent Celek - philly eagle in az

Brett Favre - cox1781, uwash97, lambeau legend4

Brian Cushing - dewdrinker

Brian Hartline - Marinoisking

Brian Orakpo - rebornempowered

Brian Urlacher - JaxFootballguy

Bruce Carter - jdetter23

Cam Newton - jefdav1831, fishtaco02, RayLewisCollector, jdetter23

Chris Johnson - kennycooks

Dan Marino - Marinoisking

Darren Mcfadden - cox1781

Daunte Culpepper - jonathancard, txviking

David Carr - rgf17

Deangelo Williams - jefdav1831, spazmatastic,

Delone Carter - JaxFootballguy

Demarco Murray - jncdrew, CowboysFan829488, wildcatter78

Demarcus Ware - jncdrew

Derek Anderson - rgf17

Desean Jackson - philly eagle in az, dodgerblueblood

Devin Hester - JaxFootballguy

Dez Bryant - jncdrew, sweetmfnlou22

Dick Butkus - JaxFootballguy

Donald Driver - alanch

Dwayne Bowe - chiefsncards275

Emmitt Smith - jonathancard, sweetmfnlou22

Eric Berry - TRAVISTURNER, chiefsncards275, biglump007

Felix Jones - cox1781, CowboysFanatic

Fred Davis - rebornempowered

Fred Taylor - Krayzie83

Glenn Dorsey - biglump007

Fran Tarkenton - jonathancard

Harry Douglass - kollectornet

Hines Ward - ftballcardz

Jake Locker - uwash97

Jamaal Charles - chiefsncards275


Jason Avant - philly eagle in az

Jason Witten - jncdrew

Javier Arenas - biglump007

Jaxon Shipley(US Army Cards) - superynaldo

Jeremy Kerley - micky871

Jeremy Maclin - philly eagle in az, dodgerblueblood

Jermaine Gresham - oufan21

Jerome Simpson - Dfclifeline

Jim Kelly - stocktonkevin

Jim Leonhand - rgf17

Jim Plunkett - RayLewisCollector

Joe Montana - jwsports

John Abraham - fbqueen

John Elway - martywood74

John Randle - txviking

Jonathan Stewart - jefdav1831

Jordan Shipley(Longhorns) - superynaldo

Josh Morgan - rgf17

Justin Houston - biglump007

Kareem Jackson - dewdrinker

Keary Colbert - chads-cards

Ken Stabler - sparty78

Kurt Warner - jjm619, 420ramsfan

Ladainian Tomlinson - TRAVISTURNER, jjm619

Lamarr Woodley - kennycooks

Larry Fitzgerald - chads-cards

L.C. Greenwood - kennycooks


Leonard Hankerson - redskins316

Lesean Mccoy - jeremy0998, philly eagle in az, dodgerblueblood

Louis Murphy - blackholedaddy

Malcolm Kelly - oufan21

Mario Williams - dewdrinker

Marshawn Lynch - stocktonkevin

Mason Foster - uwash97

Matt Cassel - biglump007

Matt Stafford - bdubs3316

Marshall Faulk - 420ramsfan

Michael Vick - cox1781, chads-card, dodgerblueblood

Michael Vick (Virginia Tech Uniform) - jefdav1831

Mike Alstott - Marinoisking

Miles Austin - sweetmfnlou22

Muhsin Muhammad - spazmatastic

Ndamukong Suh - sevans1979

Niles Paul - redskins316, rebornempowered

Noah Herron - bdubs3316

Owen Daniels - OD_81_Texan

Peyton Manning - fishtaco02, Marinoisking

Prince Amukamara - sevans1979

Randall Cobb - b33rman

Randall Cunningham - txviking

Randy Moss - cox1781, jonathancard

Ray Lewis - RayLewisCollector

Ray Rice - RayLewisCollector

Ricky Williams - branesergen

Ron Dayne - lambeau legend4

Roy Helu - rebornempowered

Ryan Kerrigan - rebornempowered

Ryan Williams - jefdav1831

Sam Bradford - fishtaco02, branesergen, wildcatter78

Steve Smith - jefdav1831

T.J. Duckett - sparty78

Tambi Hali - biglump007

Terry Bradshaw - Redskinsfan

Terrell Davis - martywood74

Thomas Jones - fbqueen

Titus Young - sevans1979

Tom Brady - fishtaco02

Troy Aikman - jonathancard

Tyson Jackson - Duchovny2, biglump007

Tyrod Taylor - jefdav1831

Vince Young(Longhorns) - superynaldo

Vincent Brown - jjm619

Walter Payton - JaxFootballguy, joe callahan13


Atlanta Falcons - seaw0lf, kollectornet

Baltimore Ravens - RayLewisCollector, kollectornet

Buffalo Bills - stocktonkevin

Carolina Panthers - spazmatastic, pbobo44

Cincinnati Bengals - Dfclifeline, jwmann2

Dallas Cowboys - waynetalger, CowboysFanatic, jncdrew

Denver Broncos - martywood74

Detroit Lions - jwsports

Green Bay Packers - alanch, rgf17, spazmatastic, uwash97, coachlew10

Houston Texans - dewdrinker

Minnesota Vikings - txviking

New England Patriots - spazmatastic

New Orleans Saints - Duchovny2

New York Jets - ginge01

Oakland Raiders - Krayzie83

Philadelphia Eagles - philly eagle in az, dodgerblueblood

Pittsburgh Steelers - chads-cards, kennycooks, jeremy0998

San Diego Chargers - jjm619, ejnfl24

San Francisco 49ers - nthnoak

Tennessee Titans - TRAVISTURNER

Washington Redskins - rebornempowered, Redskinsfan

Boise State - martywood74

East Carolina Pirates - kennycooks

Florida Gators(rookie year) - djohn

Georgia Bulldogs - ugameck

Kentucky Wildcats - b33rman

LSU - kennycooks

North Carolina Tarheels - jdetter23

Oklahoma Sooners - wildcatter78

Oregon Ducks - ejnfl24

Texas Longhorns - jncdrew

Washington Huskies - uwash97
As of 11-1-11 4:37 PM Central Time

RE: Who or what team do you collect? - BmoreDirtyBirdz89 - 11-08-2011 06:02 AM

Baltimore Ravens:
Ray Lewis
Ed Reed
Terrell Suggs
Ray Rice
Joe Flacco

RE: Who or what team do you collect? - cox1781 - 11-08-2011 10:39 AM

(11-02-2011 12:36 AM)spazmatastic Wrote:  Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

I AM a lil' bit OCD, aren't I?! I just like to be able to search something real quick when I am looking to trade something. I am also way too into stats, so that might help explain it a bit too.
As I did with chibearsboys' Good Trader thread, I have PM'd a MOD to recommend stickying this thread. If it does get stickied, it will be in the Football Trading section. Thanks 'cox1781' for making and keeping up with this thread. Just know that if you fail to keep it updated, there is a good chance that it will lose its stickyness. Wink

Thanks for letting me know. I actually have falling behind but I will get it updated tonight sorry I have been extremely busy. I usually only get extremely busy like four times a year so it doesn't happen much. I hope it does get sticked that would be good. Thanks everyone so far if I haven't got you added I will do so tonight. Thanks.

RE: Who or what team do you collect? - titansaussiefan - 11-08-2011 06:41 PM

I collect, eddie george, jake locker, damian willaims, kenny britt and my team is the titans, and the houston oilers.

RE: Who or what team do you collect? - cox1781 - 11-09-2011 10:18 AM

updated as of 11-9-11 9:15 AM Central Time