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Sorry, you look like a guy I bought some of Jerry Lynn's backstage passes from (personal friend of his).
creativemunky Wrote:Sorry, you look like a guy I bought some of Jerry Lynn's backstage passes from (personal friend of his).

It's cool, He does seem like a cool laid back guy. Someone I can see just chillen with fans.
I was A HUGE ECW fan. Living in Philadelphia and discovering ECW was the best thing. I went to a few show, watched all the TV I could and taped ALL the PPV's. After discovering eBay I bought a ton of ECW stuff. I had the vintage shirts, autograph 8x10's, backstage passes from the wrestlers. After 9/11 I purchased Joey Styles ECW Varsity Jacket that he donated the proceeds to charity. Anyway I became friends with a guy who collected more ECW stuff than I did and I eventually let go of most of it all....EXCEPT My pride and joy: An ECW Replica belt signed by EVERY EXTREME CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING HEAVYWIEGHT TITLE HOLDER! I went to shows, events and as far as Connecticut to get EVERY signature. They are ALL there, ALL 15 title holders.

[Image: DSC02779.jpg]

[Image: DSC02770.jpg]
Sabu, Taz, Justin Credible, Bam Bam Bigelow, Shane Douglas, Tommy Dreamer, Raven, Sandman, Mikey Whipwreck, Mike Awesome, Steve Corino, Masato Tanaka, Rhyno, Jerry Lynn, and of course Terry Funk. And Queen of Extreme Francine as an extra.

[Image: DSC02773.jpg]
Sabu, Mikey Whipwreck, and Steve Corino I had sign twice due to fading or other wresters signing over thier sigs.

[Image: DSC02780.jpg]
[Image: DSC02781.jpg]
ECW TV Title Rep (kid size) signed by Rhyno

[Image: DSC02784.jpg]
[Image: DSC02782.jpg]
[Image: DSC02783.jpg]
ECW Tag Team rep. (kid size) signed by the Dudley Boyz (apparently if you dont know Bubba has a thing for signing and always personalize his sigs, which I hate)

[Image: DSC02785.jpg]
And one signed by Rob Van Dam and Sabu

The following is art that I have done for signings and programs:
[Image: RavenIssue1.jpg]
[Image: corino.jpg]
[Image: rhyno.jpg]
[Image: sabuart.jpg]
This was the cover art for the Sabu tribute show I did for Scott D'Moore in Michigan, you can see Jimmy Hart holding it in the dvd. Its currently signed by Sabu in a frame.
[Image: 3pw2ndannprogram.jpg]
Cover art (that was supposed to be a Tshirt as well, but funding fell through) for 3PW ( i used to help Brian "Blue Meanie" out with flyers and occasional artwork.

Well thats all for now.

Very nice ECW title. Your very lucky to have lived in philly and experienced it.
awesome swag guys! Most of my stuff is books and DVDs. I have a couple tapes in the old school collection also Smile. As far as collector stuff goes, I have a bunch of keeper autos from the new WWE sets (ie the Topps sets), including Jeff Hardy, Edge, Mickie James, Lawler and a few others. I also have a mini King Kong Bundy and regular size Ricky Steambot LJN figures (no Thumb Wrestrlers though Sad ), a Hogan bandana and a couple i/p autos.
biggie2911 Wrote:Very nice ECW title. Your very lucky to have lived in philly and experienced it.

Yea, my first night at a live event (Raven's last show: Wrestlepoloza 97) There were ppl outside chanting "ECW" and "Start the FN show". There was a guy in line (who usually dressed like Bubba Dudley) in a Nun costume and someone brought a blowup sex doll and the crowd passed it around like a beachball. I was hooked ever since.
How much longer do we have to post our collections.
My only wrestling claim to fame is that Sabu threw a chair at me in 2004 haha... I should kept the chair!
Biggie and creative....those are some nice items ya have!

Biggie...the personalized LETTERS are really cool like the Steve Williams one!

chrisolds...does a 1000+ VHS bootleg tape collection count? Tongue Man, before the explosion of DVD and youtube, this was the only way to see wrestling from around the world.


Wrong thread, sorry.
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