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Full Version: opg needs to be fixed
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1996 Crown Jewels Elite topaz you do not have this card listed. its blue like the red base

1996 Traks Review and Preview 4 25 you do not have the red foil listed

robert pressley cards listed in the rusty wallace power paks gold and non gold are not THE ROBERT pressley they are the fitness trainer robert pressley

1994 Wheels High Gear Power Pak Teams Robert Pressley W19

1994 Wheels High Gear Power Pak Teams Gold Robert Pressley 19W


also mark smith from indy cars is listed under mark smith of nascar ownership

1994 Hi-Tech Indy 35
1994 Hi-Tech Indy Championship Drivers CD30 this needs to be listed under mark smith [indy]


you do not have this card listed in the opg but it does exist.

1996 Finish Line Mega-Phone XL Phone Cards Terry Labonte 25.00.


The following is missing as well...

1999 Press Pass Signings
Crew Chief red ink autograph variations that are exclusive to VIP hobby boxes
Jimmy Makar
Larry McReynolds
Todd Parrott
Robin Pemberton

[Image: 99makarr.jpg][Image: 99mcreynoldsr.jpg]
[Image: 99parrottr.jpg][Image: 99pembertonr.jpg]

An oddity not defined....
2 different Jimmy Spencer autographs

[Image: 99spencerwin.jpg][Image: 99spencerzip.jpg]



And what about the Dale Earnhardt "Series" cards???
They haven't been listed in the OPG for a while now.
They suddenly just disappeared

2001-03 Press Pass Dale Earnhardt - numbered DE1 - DE100

2003-04 Press Pass 10th Anniversary Earnhardt - numbered TA1 - TA100


2008 Press Pass Slideshow SS32 Stephen Leicht

There are two versions of the above card. One is blue and the other is purple.

Each of the slideshows have an alternate color. Both colors should be listed separately.

The purple is rarer on the leicht card


Terri at press pass said officially #72 Yates Team retail stealth card officially does not exist, they inadvertently left it out of production, and will not be correcting the error.. I repeat #72 Yates Brigades Stealth retail will not and has not been produced


These cards are E X A C T L Y the same card. there is no need to list it separately. Just list it uner the 1992 r.b. rice banner. You have people looking for two different cards when in fact there is only 1 card distributed two different ways.

1992 Pro Set R.B.Rice 2 N/A N/A
1992 Pro Set Rudy Farms L2 $0.40 $1.00



1989-90 TG Racing Masters of Racing Cover Card/D.Pearson's Car/E.Brooks' Car 39 PROMO SAME PHOTO DIFFERENT WRITING ON THE BACK

1991 MOTORSPORTS model cards. you should list the whole set but here are the pearsons. These are cards that picture the built models. on the back of the cards it had a picture of the box art and description of the model
8 clear gto car
11 chattanooga chew car

there is also a foil version that has premeir in foil on the front.

8 same card
11 same card

1991 Sports Legends Bobby Allison BA7 Bobby Allison NM-MT Own 1 $0.30 $0.12 $0.30
this card features 5 drivers inclding david pearson cale yarborough lee roy yarbrough bobby allison and donnie allison. ALL five drivers should be listed separate

1991 Sports Legends Bobby Allison BA11 Bobby Allison
this card features the cars of bobby allison and david pearson equally. card should be listed for pearson also

1992 TG MASTERS OF RACING PROMO CARD SAME CARD AS 92 MASTERS OF RACING CARD HALL OF FAME SET CARD 2 EXCEPT THE PICTURE IS IN BLACK AND WHITE. IT ALSO SAYS promo card not for sale on the back. this card is the promo for the hall of fame set because its the same pink on the back.

1992 motorart set. This set was a 12 card set base on the artwork in Jeanne Barnes motor art calendar. The pearson card is the month of december.

1992 rb rice and rudy farms same card zero difference should only be listed once

1997 press pass cards it would help if you put a color code next to the laser tourger etc.

1998 Upper Deck Road To The Cup 50th Anniversary Autographs AN18 you should list the fact that the foil is red

1998 good year anniversary set that came in a tin. 3 cards for pearson included in the set 1966, 1968, 1969. these are not listed but should be since the valvoline set is listed.

danbury mint 22k gold card not listed. This is a 50 card set that you received one card at a time through the mail. David Pearson has a card and it should be listed no #

2001 ISC publications Memorable moments magnet. THIS IS NUMBER 5 out of a series of 9 that were distributed with programs at darlington race way

2002 VIP 46 Dale Jarrett PP each version of this card features pearson on the back and should be listed as a co card so you do not have to go into jarrett to add pearson. it would also help the jarrett collectors that want the 47 version for their collection

2006 Press Pass Signings Gold 40 you do not list the red versions. the card is the gold card except one is signed in red as david pearson
one is signed in red just silver fox.
you need to list a red sig version and a red inscription version. these are two high dollar cards they deserve to be listed.

2006 TRAKS 81 ebay preview card 1/1 is not listed. this card exist and should be listed even if you cant price it. i own it i know it exists


THE FOLLOWING photos are wrong on the OPG

1989-90 TG Racing Masters of Racing 256 Wins Card # : 27 is actually card 39

more to come later
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