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Well since it's tiresome to post different cards I own on so many different threads, and since I practically have something new coming in every day, I've decided to start an LSU Tigers collector's thread. I will post cards from my collection of the various LSU football players I am collecting. Of course, there will be many scans, so I hope you enjoy them.
That's a nice looking collection!  Congrats from one college collector to another.
Sweet cards! Can't wait to see what you have for Laron Landry cards.
Now for some Craig "Buster" Davis of the Chargers!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Image: 1-4.jpg]
The Super Scripts auto is one of my favorites!

[Image: 2-4.jpg]
[Image: 3-2.jpg]
[Image: 4-2.jpg]
This collection is a work in progress, along with the next one, Laron Landry:

[Image: 1-3.jpg]
[Image: 2-3.jpg]
Unfortunately, most of the cards I have for Landry and Davis are redemptions, and even more unfortunate, many of them are Topps CoSigners autos, of which I've heard there was a problem. Hopefully I will do well with them.

Now, for all you Cardinals fans, how about some Early Doucet III?
[Image: 1-2.jpg]
FYI...the first card is 1/50, the second 1/250 and the third 14/20.

[Image: 2-2.jpg]
[Image: 3-1.jpg]
The Cross Training card was one I actually pulled, numbered 1000/1000, lol!

[Image: 4-1.jpg]

The Leaf Limited patch card is numbered 1/10, the one next to it is 12/25.

Last but not least for the time being, Glenn Dorsey:
[Image: 1-1.jpg]
[Image: 2-1.jpg]

This is another collection ripe with redemptions, which I am waiting on, including a Rookie Progression auto, an autographed team logo patch and a autographed quad relic from Letterman Football. Will post those when they arrive.

Need a breather! I will return with Jacob Hester, Steltz , Highsmith and more!
I have these if you're interested.
[Image: 250-1.jpg][Image: 400.jpg][Image: 250.jpg][Image: Elitelot32_1_1_1.jpg]


I have a 2007 Score End Zone Hot Rookie of Jamarcus Russell serial #'d to 6 graded a 9.5 from BGS.  Let me know if you're interested.
Was going to add some stuff for you, but my scanner appears to have called it quits!

Here is what I have in my buckett in no particular order!
[Image: JacobHesterAuto-1.jpg]
[Image: 09-05-2008044709pm2-1.jpg]
[Image: MNH_SchoolColorsJerseys-1.jpg]
[Image: LeonardMarshallSaturdaySignatures.jpg]
[Image: MattFlynnPPJersey250.jpg]
[Image: 06PressPassSigningBronzeSkylerGreen.jpg]
[Image: 07GameDayGearDwayneBowe.jpg]
[Image: 07GridironGamers41of50.jpg]
[Image: 07LongevityDressForSuccessDwayneBow.jpg]
[Image: 06-01-2008041909am2-1.jpg]
[Image: 07SPRookieThreadsJaMarcusRussell.jpg]
[Image: 04UDRookieFoundationsAutographPatch.jpg]
[Image: 06-01-2008041909am3-1.jpg]

sorry some of the pics are so big.  I am going back through and resizing.  I also have (not scanned):
2007 LR&S longevity Jamarcus Russell Dress for Success Shoe(55/55)
2007 Bowman Russell Fabric of the Future
2007 TDP&P Laron Landry Chrome Silver Refractor (56/125)
2008 Prestige Chevis Jackson Prestigious Picks Materials Red (215/250)
Will try to get scans up ASAP!


That is some amazing stuff. I especially love the Aspire last game program/ticket swatch cards.
That's what I'm talkin about!!!! Bring it on!!!!!! I haven't gotten to my Devery Henderson and Michael Clayton collections, those are HUUUUUGE!!!!!

BTW, I don't have a scan for this one yet, but I just won it last night, and at a far cry from the $599.00 that this seller had it up for for months!

Can't wait till it gets here!!!!
Great collection
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