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Someone I bought something off of on the bay sends me a message after I pay for my item saying "I accidentally mailed your item to someone else. They are mailing it back to me. I will refund you and relist the item when I get it back."
I was like No. When you get the item, just mail it to me. I won the auction, I paid, im entitled to it.
I give the guy 5 days and then I notice he gets a neutral feedback saying pretty much the same situation I was in. So i contacted the buyer and explained my situation and he responded saying that he got the same thing and thinks the seller made this up to sell it again for more $.

So I contact seller and ask if he had any update (it was 6 days later). He responds "No need to get sarcastic over a $7 card". I explain that I was not that I was just asking for an update. Then responds "You will get your card".

The next day I get an email from him saying "it was brought to my attention you contacted one of my other buyers, now you are not getting your card, heres your refund".

So with that I leave a negative feedback stating that he told me he mailed to someone else and planned to relist the card when he got it back. THIS WAS ALL FACT (had the email from ebay to back this up). Did not write ANYTHING ELSE. I didnt say "bad seller" or "do not buy from" or "fraud" or anything. Just the facts.

I then get an email saying I will hear from his lawyer. lol
Over a $7 card. w0w.
LOL too funny, he is just trying to scare you into changing your feedback.. I would just ignore his emails and block him
This is too funny. In about a week (when the lawyer doesnt call) you should write: I'm still waiting to hear from your lawyer.
Ingnore the blankity blank blank. He is just trying to bully you and the funniest thing is the lawyer will laugh in his face and say "You want to sue for 7 dollars after I charge you 3,0000.00 now whos the winner. hahahahaha
Wow some sellers and their antics are truly amazing. Gives us good sellers a bad name.
actually the sad thing is if he does have a lawyer he is going to probably have to pay for the lawyer to tell him he is a dumb *****. so he will still have the same feed back, refunded your money, and pay for an hour of lawyer time. that must of been on hell of a card for $7 lol
I had a similar situation, though a lawyer was never brought up. A seller said "he mailed my card to someone else". I'm too nice. I've never left a negative feedback. The card was a Beckett Graded (BGS) 9 Nolan Ryan memorabilia card. I still have a picture of it. And it's still the only one Graded. I think that the card didn't sell for what he wanted it to, so the seller made up an excuse. And I fell for it. I should have nailed him with a negative.
Here's a scan of it.
[Image: 2003UDAthentics_ThreadsofTime_BGS9_zps9b6e0d08.jpg]

Now, looking at the scan, I'm dying inside, b/c it was an old label.
Years ago (10, maybe?) I bought a t-shirt for my brother and it never came. Contacted the seller a bazillion times, no response. Contacted eBay, started the ball rolling... Got the seller's phone number, they never answered. Finally, my buddy called and pretended to be a lawyer and left a strongly worded voice mail. Received both the t-shirt and the money within the week. Sometimes sellers are just lame.
Lol what a class act, sorry to hear this bro!
Some sellers are crazy. Back in 04 I bought a 3 box lot of Tribute and the seller never sent. Waited like 2 weeks and finally contacted eBay and Paypal. Both eBay and Paypal contacted me back saying the seller had filed bankruptcy and were now investigating fraud issues with the seller. In the end Paypal refunds my money and sends me an email explaining the seller had been indicted in $450,000 worth of felony fraud charges.
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