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Last box of the night...

Cup Contenders:
Steven Stamkos /999
Kris Letang /999

Calder Contenders:
Colton Teubert /999
David Runblad AUTO /800

Calder Contenders Gold:
Patrick Maroon /100

NHL Ink:

Pretty terrible box, IMO.

Oh there was one more card...

[Image: Scan10_zps61e91329.jpeg]
lol.. i was kind of in awe at how crummy a box it was until i scrolled down.. gratz
im interested in the Hopkins if its for trade....

regardless though congrats on the hit
Haven't decided on the Nuge yet. Put it in my PC list for now. I'm assuming it's the /800 version.
Great hit on the RNH!
Sick hit, Eddie! Congrats!

Sick redemption nice stamkos
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