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I've been away along time and entered my collection info many years ago. I kept my subscription so my account is still valid and my items still seem to be in database.

When I got to Organize I see a list of collections based on how I entered them several yeas ago. They all have a zero next to them however. The only listing under my collections that shows an item count is All items. When I select that I get a detail list of the 2000+ items. When I select any of the other collections it shows nothing in the detail listing but in the summary at the top of the page it will show a number for the amount of cards that was assigned to that collection, just no detail. I tried to select a few items in the detail listing of All Items and tried to assign to the collection they should be part of and I got a message that said they were already assigned to that collection. Needles to say I am confused

I am new to the latest Beckett interface and maybe doing something wrong. Can anyone help me? Is there a support number to call where I can get help?

Many thanks

if you have been away awhile, it usually takes 24-48 hours for your organize to pupulate. if you dont see anything after a couple days, send a pm to tkaplan or wstjr
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