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I am trying to whittle down my pile of cards before my wife absolutely kills me for having too much (i.e. being called a hoarder). Selling all my VETERAN team base for $15 dlvd. I have 28 teams left as I have already sold 4 teams on another forum.

Teams SOLD:
NY Giants
CLE Browns
WAS Redskins
MIN Vikings
GB Packers
DAL Cowboys
PIT Steelers
DET Lions
NE Patriots

Teams on HOLD:

San Diego is decent with 40 different Philip Rivers.

If you want a card count, I can give you an estimate. Again, $15 is relatively cheap given that each team is about 300 cards or so.

Thanks and let's get these cards gone!
GB is now available... couple of Aaron Rodgers, Brett Favre, and lots of Greg Jennings in that lot.
oh c'mon... i know some of you have kids that you want to get cheap cards for so they stay out of your nice ones. Smile
PM sent
All PMs replied too! Might have sold Dallas, Pittsburgh, and Detroit. (Still awaiting confirmation on all 3)
Bump to the top please... looks like NE Patriots are a pretty good deal, HOU Texans with lots of Schaub, Johnson, and Foster, and BAL Ravens with Flacco and Rice. Send me a PM! Let's get some more moved.
How does the Patriots lot look?
Replied to your PM sir! Smile Thanks.
Anyone else interested in any teams?
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