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I got this card the other day was wondering what grading company to use? Psa or Sgc or BVg? Any help would be great thanks

[Image: image_zps42f84d23.jpg]

[Image: image_zpsbff7f4a1.jpg]
PSA or SGC....not BVG/BGS
is that a Ramley card? Most definite use SGC!!!!!!
They are the best for Vintage!!!!
I don't know much about it, however I bought it in a lot, it has a 700$ price tag on it though.. I was thinking sgc because of problems with psa vintage cards ..
I would go with SGC for anything pre-war.
SGC for pre-war
Personally, for vintage, I like BVG, PSA, and SGC, in that order.
This card would like great in a sgc black bordered slab.
I have 38 cards ready to go to sgc for their february specials....all vintage and about 15 pre-war, the rest 50-60's....we'll see
Most people will say to go with SGC on this one, however i like bgs/bvg because of the holders
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