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Good day Beckett Community!

Well, another cheesy title adorns the Hockey Box Breaks forum, and it's all thanks to me! Haha! I snapped up two more boxes of SP Game used before the price-jump (happens at my LCS all of the time for some reason), and was not as happy with these ones as the previous. There are some very nice hits, but nothing that I want to keep.

[Image: img038.jpg][Image: img037.jpg][Image: img0401.jpg]

Now you can see the reason for the title... Senators and Kings loaded these boxes! The Prout RC is a decent hit, as pretty well any RC in this product will be. I feel for anyone trying to nail the set! All of these, plus the Base are in my Org. and marked For Trade. If you are interested, just give me a nod and let me know what you are looking at. Best wishes, Beckett Community!

Nice hit on the Kings and Sens. Hope they bring you some nice Halaks
Not to bad Randi, i like that Kings card, and wouldn't mind adding a Scheifele to my Team Canada PC so i would of been happy with the breaks.
I hope I see a Sheahan in my future!!! LOL!
Not all bad, though, Randi. Looks like some potential trade baits, anyway.
I'll be looking for some of your base cards and hopefully you can find something to swap for the Sheahan.
I couldn't have been that good of a break...No Halaks!!
....i hate you
wow you did very well congats

but next time pull me some Whalers.... just kidding

hope you get some nice PC for your trade bait
Thanks for the comments guys! Everything is still available, so if you see something that you like, just give me a nudge!

All of these, including the Base, are logged into the Org. and marked for trade. Any interest, just drop me a line!

Pm sent...
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