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Hey fellas. Just thought I would load some of my decent cards FT. Not much, but let me know if you see anything. Not looking for anything in particular. I have a David Raegan auto coming this week or next.


Hey man how have you been?
Been good! Super busy, but very well. I finally dug up my card boxes (moved houses late fall), and thought it was time to reload the stuff on beckett, and try to set up a nice little display in my office. How about you?
Pretty well thanks.
Started doing (selling) shows ,more for fun than profit.
Got my 3rd one on Monday.
Do you see anything for the JJ card?
I'll take a look. Good for you for doing shows! I wish there were shows around my neck of the woods that I could go to.
Do you still have the Johnson Card? If so, what are you looking to get for it?
(01-18-2013 02:04 PM)r and k sports cards Wrote: [ -> ]Do you still have the Johnson Card? If so, what are you looking to get for it?

Sure do. I suppose it would help to mark these as "FT" in my Org... :-) They are now marked. I'm not sure... I'm a big Carl fan and would look for a cool 99 card, or an auto of another star? If you have any Chicago Cubs cards, I'd go that route too. Thanks for looking.
Carl Auto and Prominant Pieces are FT too....where are the race fans at?
No Hamlins lol
(02-06-2013 10:30 PM)roostersclassics11 Wrote: [ -> ]No Hamlins lol

Hamlin...Hamlin....Hamlin....doesn't ring a bell? Is he an ARCA guy? :-)
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