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Most of these were actually picked up before the lockout ended but still I'm ready to get the season started on Saturday!!!

[Image: img658.jpg]
Some random Pens pickups.

Now on to Despres Top 5

#5 12-13 Certified Mirror Blue Jersey Auto /50
[Image: img656-1.jpg]

#4 11-12 Certified RC Auto /299
[Image: img656-2.jpg]

and to go along with that
#3 11-12 Cerified Gold RC Auto /25
[Image: img654.jpg]

#2 11-12 Prime PrimeTime Rookie Patches /10
[Image: img668.jpg]

#1 12-13 Artifacts Emerald Jersey Patch Auto /8
[Image: img655.jpg]

That's it for now. I am working on picking up a few more Despres. If anyone has any Despres for trade please LMK.

Comments are welcomed and appreciated.

Congrats on the sick pick ups Walt. I can't wait for the season to start its going to be an interesting year.
Very nice additions. But i gotta say it LET'S GO FLYERS!!!!!
i really love this years artifacts, and that card reinforces that. loving that emerald auto
Sweet pickups Walt!! Those are even better than you described to me on the phone! That Depsres PC is really starting to take shape!!!

I heard a rumor...he might be paired with Letang on sat!!

great pick ups

love the SP die cut
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