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My Bruce Carter's
100% is getting closer atleast!
Found the orange on COMC and then the Bruce Sp was on the bay, as a BIN or BO and I didnt hesitate to just buy it.
[Image: BruceCarterXtraOrange_zps62f58c7a.jpg]
[Image: BruceCarterSPGoldAuto.jpg]

Picked up the Yates for the UD set last year, just need the Greg Little now to have all my Heels from last year.
[Image: TJYatesUDAuto.jpg]

[Image: NickFolesSterlingAuto.jpg][Image: MichaelFloydAbsoluteRPA.jpg]

and I wanted to show a pretty sweet redemption today from Panini, even though its basketball. These were in last years Gold Standard. Its like an XRC and the awesome thing about it, is that its a metal card. Looks so cool in person.
[Image: HarrisonBarnesGSXRC.jpg]
I have Greg little.....
(01-11-2013 01:41 PM)rogue655 Wrote: [ -> ]I have Greg little.....

UD or Sweet Spot? I thought you had the Sweet spot base auto.
Sweet pickups. The SPA Bruce Carter auto card looks really awesome.
Congrats on the pickups! Sweet SP authentic auto!
Sweet, love the Yates. Congrats and thanks for sharing.
congrats on the pickups! that carter spa is huge for you! also sent you a pm.
Great stuff man. Love the Yates UD and Carter SPA!
Good looking stuff! Saw the redemptions for the XRCs in Gold Standard, been curious to what they looked like.
Nice! I miss the metal cards. Didn't Leaf make them for baseball eons ago? I still have a few of them
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