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A good friend of mine got into a wreck today while taking his daughter to school...he was going down a country road and hit an ice patch and went off the road and went into a ditch and also kinda clipped a tree. Him and his daughter are okay, but I think he hit his head on the steering wheel and although his daughter was in her car-seat, she kinda hit her arm against the door and is a little sore and bruised up. He's pretty down about it all and I was just hoping to do some trades to get him some Raiders cards to lift his spirits a bit. I don't have a ton of stuff to trade, but I'd gladly trade everything in my Football FT folder just to get some cards of current Raiders players for him. Shoot me an offer if I have anything that can get a deal done.

Thanks! Smile
Let me see what I've got when I get home, and I'll send ya a message
Looks like I have 3 packages headed his way....Thanks for the help everyone! Smile
I've got tons.......anyone in particular?
(01-10-2013 08:23 PM)cybertrenz02 Wrote: [ -> ]I've got tons.......anyone in particular?

Any current players really....his all-time favs are Tim Brown and Napoleon Kaufman though. I'd be willing to trade for whatever I can get.
think i might have something for ya....give me a day or two and i will put a little lot together.....
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