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Full Version: Coming Back
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Hey All,
Not sure if this should be posted here. If it is in the wrong place, which I am sure it is, this is for Box Breaks.
Anyway, I was a member here a while back, went to another site and now I am back for a little while.
I will have my "Organize" back up to par as soon as I get time to work on it. I deleted everything on it and I am starting all over. It is going to take a while to get it back up to full go, but it is coming. I am going to start with 2013 and work backwards.
Hope to do some good trading.
Welcome back.
I collect Ryan Newman and JJ mostly so perhaps we can make a trade or two.
Thanks Kevin
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(01-04-2013 07:46 AM)shelbysaleen Wrote: [ -> ]post moved to correct area

Thanks Michael
Welcome back
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