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Full Version: Holiday Breaks
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Hey guys!
Over Christmas and, well yesterday, I've opened some stuff. I'll just list the hits and be gone. Comments always welcome.
1 Blaster 2010-11 Pinnacle
Magnus Paajarvi RC
Rink Collection Patrice Cormier RC
Tough Times Nick Fotiu
Pantheon Ed Giacomin
Threads Antoine Vermette

That was under the tree. Yesterday I stopped at the LCS just to kill some time and ended up leaving with a box of Donruss and a box of Zenith. $100 for the pair, I figured why not. So I spent my Christmas money.

1 box 2010-11 Donruss - $40
RC: J Samson, J Mercier, J McCarthy, M Noreau, T Seguin, C Elkins
Artist Proof #/100: T Selanne
Die Cut #/30: J Gustavsson
Boys of Winter: R Smyth, R Bourque, H Lundqvist
Tough Times: J Miller
The Ultimate Draft: Brian Elliot, Eric Fehr
Fans of the Game: Michael Ontkean
Les Gardiens: J Gustavsson, P Roy
Boys of Winter JSY: A Burrows, E Kane
Boys of Winter JSY Prime #/50: D Briere

1 box 2010-11 Zenith $60
Dare to Tear: P Roy
Inside card: K Palmieri Rookie Parallel #/199

Red Hot: C Joseph
Mosaics: Flames
Crease is the Word: MA Fleury
Rookie Roll Call: T Seguin
Gifted Grinders: R Malone
AU RC #/999: M Bartkowski
RC #/999: C Emmerton
Winter Warriors JSY: V Leino
Rookie Roll Call JSY: T Tatar

So yeah. Nothing huge, but I can't totally complain. Thanks for the look!
nice Magnus Paajarvi RC
Forgot to add, bought a pack of Rookie Anthology and 2 of BD and pulled:
Corey Troop Pinnacle Rink Collection RC
Sven Baertschi BD Lustrous Rookies
id be interested in the baertschi if yr looking to move it?
wow you crushed it on the BD congrats
Pretty solid breaks. I'm interested in any Patrick Roy cards if they're FT.
As usual I want your wings lol nice break!
(12-30-2012 09:09 PM)swjrp10 Wrote: [ -> ]As usual I want your wings lol nice break!

That may be doable in the not so distant future.
Very cool breaks, Ty! Congrats! Happy New Year, buddy!

(01-01-2013 07:46 AM)rayeates Wrote: [ -> ]Very cool breaks, Ty! Congrats! Happy New Year, buddy!


Thanks man. Happy New Year!
I was a little disappointed with the Zenith break, but it was fun anyway.
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