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Full Version: Awesome present!
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I just got this back from my moms neighbors. Their son Silas Redd is the running back for USC. He got a few guys to sign it for me! Robert Woods, Marquise Lee, Matt Barkley, Curtis McNeal and Silas Redd!
[Image: 2012-12-26161221_zps15fc56ba.jpg]
VERY nice!!!
Fight on! Awesome mail day for sure. Lee may be the best receiver in college and I think Barkley will be just fine. His line was terrible this year.
wow thats great Very nice
Great ball i was a fan of redd when he was at PSU
Awesome autographed football. Very cool.
Thanks all! Its one of my prized possessions in my collection now! Hes a great kid and his parents are awesome. My mother and his mom are good friends. Its awesome having a bunch of the top players in the country sign the ball!
Oh wow that is one nice looking football. Congrats and thanks for sharing.
That is awesome!
That's awesome! Barkley's autograph is sweet. He clearly takes his time with it and cares what it looks like. But I wonder what it's going to look like after the 10,000th sticker he signs, LOL!!
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