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Had the itch at the mall yesterday (our only LCS until I hit Denver or Cheyenne) so bought a box of Absolute and Strata. Should have taken the cash and flushed it straight down the toilet...would have been more satisfying.

Absolute: You know you're in deep sh** when your veteran auto is a second year kid with only 500 yards receiving.

[Image: img766_zps563772b1.jpg]

Strata: Even worse. It's truly sad when the best hit is the $10 base Luck. Of course, the sting is that the guy in front of me pulled a 3 color patch/auto of Doug Martin. The guys at the shop said "oh, you got Pead on." Uhhhhh, yeah. You think??

[Image: img764_zpsfbc07d6d.jpg]

[Image: img765_zpsc1e75085.jpg]
Ouch that had to hurt Sad
Don't worry about it I ripped into $800 and my best was a $250 tannehill topps chrome auto... My only solid hit lol
(12-22-2012 01:53 PM)branesergen Wrote: [ -> ]Ouch that had to hurt Sad

I think its better to be "pead " on than getting "Fleener"ed
Ouch, sorry you didnt do so well Wendy. I think Strata is like Inception, its hit or miss just because its an all rookie product. Greg Little is at least a Tar Heel Smile .
ouch, and that's why I usually stick to the bay or just buy blaster boxes. Had the same thing with my Chrome hobby box. $90 for the box, and the best card I got was a Lamar Miller on card auto (worth $15.00)...

I wish that Hobby boxes had some of the better performing players guaranteed in them, and not to make the collectors feel like sh** when we watch our money go down the toilet..
It's one of those experiences that makes me question this hobby.

The guy at the shop said, "You know, I think Givens will be good. Bradford is getting hot." I wanted to tell him to @%$%&&#$@#!!, but instead said "Yeah, thanks."
thats rough
thats rough
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