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... guy following me around.

This all started when I pulled this card at the 2011 Fall Expo at the ITG Booth

2010-11 Decades 1980's #'d/9

[Image: Scan0015-1.jpg]

Then I traded a 2010-11 BTP GU'd Number Reimer #'d/6 for;

2010-11 BTP #'d/6

[Image: Scan060005-1.jpg]

At the 2012 Fall Expo I pulled this at the ITG Booth

2011-12 Forever Rivals Autograph - My 1st of him

[Image: APR_zpsfda7b4d1.jpg]

And got this as my Redemption

#'d 04/19
[Image: FEFR48_zps33e7aee7.jpg]

I then buy 4 boxes of 2011-12 BTP during the online Black Friday Sale and got this;

[Image: Scan0016-2_zpsd0b8d76d.jpg]

And to end this story I was in Harrisburg for work and stopped at the LCS. I bought a box of 2010-11 BTP and out of the 1st pack came this;

[Image: Scan0014-1_zps0fd713ff.jpg]

And the bad part of this collection is that I am a Red Wings fan.

HOLY CRAPOLA! Those are absolutely stunning, Mark! Man! Congrats on the brilliant pick-ups, and I hope that the luck stays with you!

Mark, even though you are a Red Wings fan, there could be a worse player following you around. Smile Not to mention that you have the satisfaction of him getting his behind kicked a few times too. Smile No words can describe the luck you are having! Congrats.
I'll gladly take those off your hands, Mr. Red Wing
Jayzus! outstanding cards! Normally I get scrubs like Nick Bonino or Erik Gustafsson following me so it's nice to see a good player following a collector. Very nice!
wow a nice pc you have of him..... too bad he played for the wrong team for you
Nice roys!!!
Man, some people have all the luck. I seem to pull a Roy like once every two years and when I do it's a base card. Those pulls are insane.
Haha, hes sure not a bad bloke to have following you around! Crazy stuff, when you're on a roll, you're on a roll!
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