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Here we go with Round #3!

Same rules:
Anyone can play along with this submission, so if you have some interest hit me up with a PM or post here and I'll get back with you. My returning submitters, please send an email. My inbox here is getting full!!

Cost per card for the submission is $6 with free auto grades for the 45-day service. This is the cost I'm being offered per card, so I'm not making a dime on any of you. There is a minimum number of cards for us to get this deal, so when we meet that level I'll have everyone send their cards to me. My target shipping date to TX is DECEMBER 26. Please remember that this submission is 45 working days, so you won't see your cards again for 3 months. Anticipated return date to me is March 4-7.

This cost does not include shipping to Beckett in TX or return shipping to your house. Shipping to TX is not outrageous and I will keep all of you posted with my projected cost as the submission grows. Also, I will not overcharge you for insurance either direction, as it means absolutely nothing to the PO if you do need to file a claim. Cards will be insured for whatever level you need and I'll adjust it per individual. I'll also return things most often in a priority flat rate box to keep the costs down.

Please know that I will be inspecting your cards upon arrival for damaged corners or surface damage, just in case you might have missed it. I'm being asked to do this to prevent any claims that damage occurred while your cards are in BGS possession. Of course, should anything go wrong with your card while there, I'll get you in touch with the appropriate people who can handle the issues. I suggest that you take some high resolution scans of your cards just prior to mailing, it helps to have some backup if needed. Should something go wrong (like submission #2), I would appreciate your patience while the problems are resolved. I don't enjoy dealing with the damage anymore than you do...

You can pay for the submission a variety of ways...check, money order, or paypal (preferred). When we get the cards back I'll do a live break on blogTV. This is new, so here we go in bold: I will not ship cards to BGS that have not been paid for prior to shipment. I'm still waiting on payment for some cards I sent in the very first submission back in March, so please be prepared to pay by 12/26.

If you have any questions, please send me a PM or post here and I'll get back with you. I'll keep your identity private for anyone that requests it. There will be complete transparency for those involved, but I won't make a public display of our submission to everyone on the boards (you are welcome to post what you are submitting should you choose to do it). When I submit the paperwork, you will all get to see the scan so you know EXACTLY what is happening.

Those of you that know me here on the boards know I'm rather fastidious, so you need not worry about trusting me with your precious babies. You can also dig out the old threads and ask anyone who submitted last time how it went for them.

Looking forward to getting some good grades in Round 3!!!
I'll be there, have 8 cards set aside so far but may add a few more if I can find them in time lol.
(12-11-2012 01:56 AM)krayzie83 Wrote: [ -> ]I'll be there, have 8 cards set aside so far but may add a few more if I can find them in time lol.

Yay! We'll figure out the hard shipping deadline here shortly. The holidays throw everything off a bit.

Can't wait for this go around. Let's send up smoke signals they get your cards correct on the first try!!!
I am sure I can come up with 10 cards to send in. Can you PM me with the details on where to send, Paypal address, etc.?

Gotta start looking for candidates tonight! My Walter Payton RC is finally going to get slabbed! :-)
Can't wait, should be down for 10, but I'll let you know for definite! Hope to get some more Gold!
How much for just one graded? I'm a poor college student
Does this include BVG? I'd love to get my ungraded Bednarik sealed up.
I'll shoot you all a message when I get home!
I'll be in for this. Put me down for say 6 cards for now, with possibility of a few more depending upon what comes in the mail. Definitely have at least 3-4 Lynch cards I'd like graded
im down for atleast 5, if not more.
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