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Whats up guys! I stopped by the LCS here in Sac this afternoon and picked up a couple of boxes of 2012 Bowman DPP. Bought a few boxes from them this year but nothing spectacular. But this time, I think I did ok. Here are hits!

blue border #/500
Edwar Cabrera
Mitch Gueller
Kole Calhoun
Austin Schotts
Lex Rutledge

orange border #/250
Scott Oberg

Silver Ice
Gavin Cecchini
Tyler Thornburg

Chrome Refractors
Bralin Jackson
Mitch Gueller
Mike Dodig
Victor Roache
Stephen Pryor
Richie Shaffer
Kevin Plawecki
Jamie Jarmon
Joey Gallo
Alfredo Rodriguez

Blue Refractors #/250
Ron Miller
Bryan De La Rosa

Now for the good stuff!

David Dawl Auto
[Image: daviddawl2012bowmanautofront.jpg]

Courtney Hawkins Perfect Game auto #159/233
[Image: courtneyhawkinsperfectgame2012bowmanautofront.jpg]

Pulled those two in the first box! Was stoked! I figured 2nd box wouldn't be that great. Got down to the last handful of packs and pulled this guy:

Lewis Brinson Orange Refractor auto #19/25!!!!
[Image: lewisbrinson2012bowmanorangerefractorfront.jpg]

:-) :-) :-)

Sorry for the huge pics, lol. Thanks for looking!
Wow! Great pulls!
Very nice breaks! That Brinson is a very good hit!
Very nice. I love Dahl's autograph.
Thanks you guys! The Brinson is a beauty! I'm debating if I should press my luck and get another box or 2 Monday afternoon. lol
Interested in the Dahl if you're willing to trade.
Nice orange
Sweet pulls, your did awesome on your autos!
Austin Schotts if this is who i think it is and he is in the tigers farm system his walk up music is hilarious and very fitting. It's the lil jon and LMFAO song "SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS"
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