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Hey guys,

Thought I would post up pics of what I have managed to get so far. Only a couple more to go then I will have finished what I set out for

Tim Hardaway UTEP I have had finshed for awhile
[Image: TimHardawayBTLAutosUTEP.jpg]

Just got the last of my Sam Cassell FLORIDA STATE in the mail today
[Image: 016.jpg]

Also got the last of my Bill Laimbeer NOTRE DAME in the mail today

[Image: 017.jpg]

Still need one more S for Bill Cartwright SAN FRANCISCO to finish
[Image: 019.jpg]

And one more L for Greg Anthony UNLV to finish
[Image: 018.jpg]

Thanks for looking and please let me know if you can help finish the sets
Wow nice stuff man! Good luck on the last three!
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