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Hey guys, i fell out of the hobby for a while and am trying to get back into it. I bought a box of 2012 Bowman DPP the other day and I want another box, but a different product. So in yalls opinion, whats the best box to buy between 80.00 - 100.00? Any opinions are appreciated. Thanks
depends on what you want? You want prospects? Hits per box? Autos? With so many products you need to figure out what you are looking for and what you want to collect. I personally like the look of the Topps chrome. I'm just getting back into the hobby as well. Been back for a few months but still feel like a newb.
If you don't want another prospects box I would go with Bowman Chrome or Topps Chrome. A&G is also a really fun break with decent resale value.
I think A&G and Topps Chrome are pretty good bets. Both are popular and you can get some nice stuff. I like the fact that you get 2 RC autos per box in Chrome, and the chance at getting some nice colored parallels.

With A&G, the hits are fewer and farther between (in my experience), but you have a chance at some real neat novelty items like rip cards and so forth (basically, it's a card that you can rip open--if you dare--to reveal a hidden card inside. I pulled one in my first ever box.) Also, the A&G minis are pretty popular trade items.
topps chrome
Well it sounds like I'm either going to go with topps chrome or A&G. Leaning towards A&G just because i like the look and "uniquness" of the cards. Thanks for the input guys Smile
P.s. has anyone heard good or bad things or even busted a box the this "Goodwin Champs" stuff? Kinda reminds me of A&G
Either one is a good choice. Keep us posted and show pics of what you get!!
Topps Finest is also a great break every year. I always lean that way if I get the itch at the LCS and they have some on hand. You can pick a box up for about $90 on-line.
I like Finest also, but Gypsy Queen is a neat looking card.
Allen and Ginter, or a base Topps Jumbo, or Gypsy Queen.
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