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It must be since it's the end of the year, but I'm suddenly getting redemption envelopes almost every day! Today I got a few I've been eagerly awaiting!!

First, a redemption I pulled awhile back from Ultimate -

[Image: 121205_0005.jpg]

I'm just glad it's not all bleeding in and blurry, but his auto looks like a picture of a fly, really?

Finally, a rare for me, a redemption I actually bougfht from someone, for my Marcus Foligno hoard. I was worried they might send me a pretty average patch, but I cannot complain here:

[Image: 121205_0006.jpg]
Crappy looking Larsson auto. GREAT looking Foligno patch!!!
That Foligno is sweet! Congrats!
sweet Foligno!!!
Nasty patches
Very nice cards! Love that patch, but be glad that you got a Larsson auto and not a Caputi! My cat has a better auto than Luca's! Haha!

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