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Full Version: Wow
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So i bought a six box jumbo case of 09 topps updates and i got it in today and couldnt help but break one box while my fiance is sleeping. Well got to the last three packs and saw two of the cards as gu or whatever open the first one and get a jonathan broxton. meh then open the next and get a Legends of the game Team Letter Patch of Mickey Mantle. /50. there is a little damage to the bottom but this thing is sweet. And i still have the auto to go and 5 more boxes SmileSmile

auto was a career best Raul Ibanez
Sweet mantle. When you get time post up some pictures.
ill be willing to take on the damaged mantle
Wow! Nice Mantle manu-patch! Good luck with your next 5 boxes!
interested in the Mantle also.
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