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Just seeing what I could bring in for this. Not really looking for anyone in particular, just any cool autos. Looking for a 1 for 1 trade or possibly a 2 for 1. I'd be looking for some young studs like Von Miller, AJ Green or some better vets like Kurt Warner or Larry Fitz

[Image: IMG_20121125_094236.jpg]
Can u check me for it plz
(12-01-2012 10:54 PM)husker 101 Wrote: [ -> ]Can u check me for it plz

Didn't see anything for it.
(12-02-2012 06:25 AM)bakerman8419 Wrote: [ -> ]Heck I will give it a shot

Only things I saw werre the AP auto jersey /5 and the Von Miller(what's the numbering on that?)
You can check me for it
(12-02-2012 09:55 AM)jmessick86 Wrote: [ -> ]You can check me for it

Didn't really see anything, sorry man.
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