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I went to walmart and bought a box of mixed packs. I got nothing till I got to my 2007 Score football pack...thats right Score football! I was thumbing through them when I say a sparkling card, it was a Jay Cutler Red Zone auto...I was pumped when I turned it over I saw that it was numbered to 5...I went crazy but after looking at it close I noticed that it had a cut all up the back of the heart sank. I guess what I am wanting to know is what to do with the card, is it too late to ask for a replacement since it came from a 2007 product? Thanks for the help.

[Image: JayCutlerRedZoneautoBack2of5001.jpg]

[Image: JayCutlerRedZoneautoFront2of5001.jpg]
How deep is the cut?
Lets see a scan and we can help
Scan please for advice...
Scans Added
doesnt look horrible...i mean...its not perfect condition but im sure its still worth some cash...i mean..theres only 5 of these things out there right!
It looks okay. I wouldn't say it is bad, but it isn't perfect, as bigben_20002001 said.
I'd be happy to trade for it, please check me. I love his press conferences, LOL
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