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My trade query is pretty much empty again. Anyone looking to do some trades this weekend.

Offer sent.
2 Trades completed, anyone else. I have recently added a few new traders that were PC but making them available. Mostly older stuff that does not fit anymore.

Here are a few scans

[Image: 1999-00BlackDiamondDiamondCut91PavelBrendl.jpg]
[Image: 1999-00BlackDiamondDiamondCut102MilanKraft.jpg]
[Image: 1999-00UltimateVictoryFoilParallel109PavelBrendl.jpg]
[Image: 2000-01PrivateStockRetail122StevenReinprechtRC.jpg]
[Image: 2000-01ToppsChrome250AndrewRaycroftRC.jpg]
[Image: 2003-04UpperDeck451NikolaiZherdevYGRC.jpg]
[Image: 2005-06UpperDeck455AlMontoyaRC.jpg]

LMK, Chris
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