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After 3,000 extra miles (NY to OR to STL...), my 3 boxes finally arrived.


i'd say decent, not fantastic, but good. no harpers, cespedes' or darvishes. also got a PC hit of Freese Die-Cut Big Grin
Great to hit a gold regardless. Congrats!
Nice break! You did a lot better than I did!! You also pulled a variant Rivero! The Navarro is decent too!
Nice!! You get any color of Lawrie?
(11-30-2012 09:38 PM)Neifert Wrote: [ -> ]Nice!! You get any color of Lawrie?

negative ghost rider.
Very nice! Especially the gold auto!
Nice gold auto! I'd be interested it he DeVoss auto if it's FT and any David Price stuff if you pulled any.
Nice rivero
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