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My dad played at Auburn between 1953 and 1956, and I am trying to complete a collection for him. I am looking for Auburn Football Trading Cards from 1953-1957 for the below listed players. If anyone has any of these cards they would like to sell, or knows where I might find them, please let me know!

Jerry Sansom
Ernest Danjean
Paul Terry
Frank D'Agostino
Hal Herring
Jim Pyburn
Joe Childress
William Kilpatrick
Howell Tubbs
Bobby Hoppe
Jimmy Phillips
Jerry Wilson
Zeke Smith
Lloyd Nix
Bob Scarbrough
Vince Dooley
Vince Nardone
Ed Duncan
Ed Baker
George Rogers
George Atkins
Jack Locklear
Al Brame
Jimmy Long
ML Brackett
Ted Neura
Johnny Adams
Bobby Duke
Dave Middleton
Charlie Hataway
Jerry Elliot
Frank Reeves
Jim Warren
Ben Preston
Tim Baker
Cleve Wester
Billy Atkins
Frank LaRussa
Mike Simmons
Jackie Burkett
Dan Presley
Lamar Rawson

Thank you very much!
Rae Coley
I don't know of any cards put out by the university for those years, but some of the players later appeared on cards in the pros. Here's a list of Auburn alumni on vintage football cards:
Thank you, nearmint! Yes, I also was not aware of Auburn issuing cards during the 1950's. However, the Coca Cola Company issued cards of Auburn football players during that time. I have collected some of them, but am having trouble finding others. I really appreciate your reply!
Cool, I didn't know that Coke had put out an Auburn set back then. Do you have a picture of a card that you can show us?
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