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I sure as hell hope not.
I think the problem is much higher than Garrett
Who will want that job? is the real question...
I agree with both of you... BUT can Dallas get a coach that shows emotion and keeps the players in check?
Second in offensive penalties?? Really? You should NEVER get a false start at a home game....
I don't know if they can get a coach with Jerry looming over....
Like jimmy Johnson's a country club
him and Rex ryan are gone for sure..and prolly Phili's coach..they all stink this year
Jerry Jones is and has been the head coach the whole time, anybody who doesn't believe that is in denial. Garrett is Jones' puppet and is just doing what Jones is telling him anyway.
He will have a job only not in Dallas. Jerry Jones is a lot of things, but patient is not one of them.
I wouldn't be surprised if Andy Reid takes over in Dallas next year. Their personnel is perfect for Reid's version of the West Coast offense. He might just have enough sway to convince Jerry hand over some control of players/staff decisions.
I don't think Garrett have full control of the team. It is time for him to move on though.
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