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I submitted an item at a BGS/JSA live show on July 7th, and as of Nov 20 still haven't received a confirmation email from Beckett saying that my order is in progress. I've called customer service no less than 10 times and each time they say that "BGS does not make guarantees on turnaround times". On top of it, I had to get JSA to BGS order info, which is a separate number, and found out that JSA had shipped my order to Beckett on July 27th.

Basically, in the near 4 months that Beckett has had my card I have not received any kind of confirmation email saying that Beckett has received my order.

Has anyone ever experienced anything THAT slow?
Update: found out card arrived at my old address (I had moved recently) last week, so all in all this whole process took a bit over 4 months...
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