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hey guys, bought a box of bowmans chrome 2012 tonight for 29.99 (originally 79.99) due to cashiers error. busted the box, and here are the hits:
Jorge Soler auto
Tony Cingrani gold ref. auto /50
Neftali Feliz orange ref. /25
strasburg legends in the making cut.

great box!!!!
Sorry but no spamming box breaks when you are trying to sell slots for the breaks.
how did the cashier screw that one up?
is the Soler for trade? also, very nice break!!
(11-19-2012 10:42 PM)KyleRocks Wrote: [ -> ]due to cashiers error.

What is really AMAZING is how honest you are........umm maybe not.
wow, so you knowingly got something for less, and left without being honest, you spam your box break crapola....

youre a real winner

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