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Full Version: 2008/2009 fleer ultra
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I recently openned a pack of 2008/2009 fleer ultra and pulled an expired Rookie Redemtion card. I was wondering if anyone could tell me if it has any value and if they do where can I find the value for it?

thanks Jamie
check the website, see if you can redeem it, sometimes they allow it. for example, i know the 07-08 ultra's are redeemable even though they are expired. other than that, i can't think of a reason somebody else would pay any money for them
sometimes you can get it replaced for something

best bet is to call
I agree with JJ. it is best to call to see if they might give you a replacement. I have pulled several of the 07-08 redemptions and they still honor them via their website but 08-09 will not. I have called on the 08-09 and it just depends on which CS you happen to get a hold of on if they will redeem it or not.
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