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Anquan Boldin Bowman RC
A.J. Hawk Topps RC
Devin Hester Topps RC
Brett Favre/Aaron Rodgers Topps Faces of the Franchise
John Elway SIFK #225
Peyton Manning SIFK #307
Peyton Manning 99 Topps
Peyton Manning 09 UD Goodwin Champions
Jerry Rice 96 Select #186
Jerry Rice 97 Pacific Philadelphia
Jerry Rice 99 SIFK
Jerry Rice Topps Record Numbers Silver #RN8
Steve Young 96 Select #124 & 184
Barry Sanders 96 Select #181

Jerome Williams 04 Donruss Classics Timeless Tributes Red #66 #/100

Larry Bird Hoops #2
Larry Bird Skybox #12
Shaq Talkin Hoops #14

There are other cards also, but not looking to trade anything really nice for Reiff cards unless maybe for an auto. Send over an offer or let me know what you want.
what sport ?
Football. He is a rookie for the Detroit Lions. Offensive lineman.

Any Reiff cards? I have one coming, but need more. Help me out.
Anyone have any Reiff cards for trade?
(11-29-2012 03:06 PM)akaus Wrote: [ -> ]Anyone have any Reiff cards for trade?

sent you an offer but got no response
Will respond shortly. Thanks.
a '12 chrome base #4? interested?
i also have the Xfractor if interested
(11-29-2012 10:58 PM)AndrewP Wrote: [ -> ]a '12 chrome base #4? interested?
i also have the Xfractor if interested

Yes, I would be interested in both of those. What did you like of mine?
still looking to trade for Reiff cards. Someone help me out.
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