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I bought these awhile ago, back when I bought the 3 box case of the batting gloves. The one thing that's really hard for me about anything baseball is that I'm firmly entrenched in a pocket of RedSoxNation, and keep pulling "Damn Yankees"... see what I mean?

[Image: 121116_0004.jpg]

[Image: 121116_0005.jpg]

[Image: 121116_0001.jpg]

[Image: 121116_0002.jpg]

Also, I got lucky and pulled the one-per-case extra redemption :

[Image: 121116_0003.jpg]

Can't argue with a little LoMo love!!
I would be more then happy to take both the sanchez and pineda off your hands. the ball will go great with my sanchez game used battling gloves.
nice !
Except for the Pineda, I'd say you did pretty well. I'm a Yankees fan though, so I may have a biased opinion towards this box.
I think Gary Sanchez will become better than Montero. Pineda jury is and will still be out for a while.
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