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made a huge dent in my YG sets last weekend at a big show here and with a few traders on here as well Thanks! I put to rest the 2009-10 set and am 1 card away from doing the same to 2006-07 & 2007-08. I posted below my grids in hopes of someone having something I need! I also started the 2012-13 set and got 11 so far Sorry for noth putting the Numbers but I had 35 cards to add to my grids and I just couldn't do anymore lol Anyways Hopefully you all have something I need out there! -Jeff

2006-07 (Missing Drew Stafford)
[Image: 2006-07UpperDeckYoungGuns.png]

2007-08 (Missing Jonathan Toews)
[Image: 2007-08UpperDeckYoungGuns.png]

2010-11 (21 more to go)
[Image: 2010-11UpperDeckYoungGuns.png]

2011-12 (11 more to go)
[Image: 2011-12UpperDeckYoungGuns.png]

[Image: 2012-13UpperDeckYoungGuns.png]
Please CML. thanks.
I did and u just canceled trade? oh well anyone else?
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