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The one thing I have always wanted to add to my collection was an Eli Manning autograph card. But with prices over $80 on most..I can't afford that. But what I don't get and I hope you guys can why are some Eli Manning cards such as this years Rookies And Stars auto only BV low but sells for almost twice? And others are the same selling for twice or for BV. I would think any auto card booking for $60-$80 would be in the $25-$35 range. Am I wrong???

Any thoughts??
don't post the BV of an item here that is a big NO-NO!
(11-07-2012 08:06 AM)chasescardcave Wrote: [ -> ]don't post the BV of an item here that is a big NO-NO!

Fixed thanks for the heads up
BV's are only a guide, not 100% accurate. Guys like Eli/Rodgers/Brady/Brees etc etc usually don't have the general 50% of BV issue that most guys do, they usually sell for BV or more, especially RC AUs. I find that for Brady's at least, the BV is fairly accurate, as they usually sell for around it, but almost all other cards I have don't(non brady's).
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