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Check my org maybe we can do some trading for some jsy/au cards of them? *****/100 or less*****
I've got a few of them both. I'll upload em to my org and send an open offer
Still looking for some trades for these, Preferably serial numbers 100 or less, thanks!
Got any Jackson's
[Image: scan0024-1.jpg]
No i dont have any of him, i just came back to collecting after not doing any since 2000 lol bought 2 boxes of Elite so i have some rookies and auto's and such
I have an elite osweiler hard hat auto
Still Looking guys =) i have a bunch of trades in the works so some cards may or may not be available, but ill let you know by a comment if something is getting worked out for particular cards
I have this one.

Football Auto - Ronnie Hillman
I've uploaded a few Hillman's. Check my org, and send an offer if interested
So After careful consideration, I have decided that its in my best interest to ONLY collect cards of theirs /100 or less. So thats what I'm currently looking for. Jsy/AU /100 or less of Hillman or Osweiler

there is just too much of everything else. Sorry guys.
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